Successful design is process driven. We use design thinking across multiple phases to generate the best possible solutions. Innovation can happen at any phase but we prefer to start with the end user.


User-Based Research

Understanding the end user is at the heart of every project. Careful observation of real users in real-world situations can provide powerful insights. We use ethnographic research techniques to better understand the real and unarticulated needs of end users.


In-Depth Analysis

We methodically organize and process the information we uncover to mine for insights. Instances lead to patterns which can lead to new insights and opportunities. This process helps us find the true voice of the consumer.


Concept Generation

We utilize a variety of visualization techniques to bring our concepts to life. Design is an iterative process and we use tons of sketching to help us think through a problem.


Focus on User Experience (UX)

ram takes a holistic approach to the projects we work on. Successful products must look at every aspect and touch point of the brand to make the entire experience a positive one. This includes the entire platform from online presence to packaging to final use case and beyond.


Form Development

We use advanced 3D modeling and rendering to create detailed concepts. Form follows function and we like to get into 3D quickly to assure the concepts we present are grounded in reality. We start with the internals and build from the inside out.


Working Prototype Development

3D modeling software allows us to quickly create working prototypes to test the functionality of a given design. We offer a variety of rapid prototyping tools, including 3D printing and CNC machining. We are also pretty handy with a sewing machine and know how to design soft-goods.


User Interface Design

User interface design often makes up a large part of the projects we take on. We understand how to create intuitive and engaging GUIs that are easy to navigate.


User Validation

We partner with quantitative research experts to help us facilitate focus groups and verify designs before finalizing them for production. This may include one-on-one interviews or research groups in multiple locations around the world.


Manufacturing Expertise

We have worked across a wide variety of industries and really understand manufacturing. We know plastic injection molding, blow-molding, reactionary injection molding (RIM), die casting, extrusions, sand casting, thermoforming (including Twin Sheet), machining, electronics, PCB design, sheet metal, and advanced assembly. If it has been man-made, chances are we have had experience with the process.